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ShowServiceMode For Galaxy LTE

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The "ShowServiceMode" is an application to be able to call "Secret Screen" quickly which are provided as standard maintenance menu. Has been primarily developed for the Samsung Galaxy.It does not feel good to change the settings. But you want to change the settings?Regardless of whether or not you can call successfully on your models, this implements a lot of method of multiple calls which can call.(ShowServiceMode is specialized for the switching of LTE)Dial pad does not accept the input of secret code. However, there may be some cases where the function corresponding to the secret code that are present.In that case, Using ShowServiceMode, you can call the hidden screen. (It has been confirmed by many of Galaxy series)
----- COMPATIBLE MODELS LIST -----Please check this page by all means, before you buy the app. can start in many models. However, depending on the model, you may not use some features.
----- NOTICE -----May become unavailable to after the system update because it is beginning to be limited by Samsung. This limit can not be exceeded in the application of the general.In addition, there is what need root privileges from the initial lot in recent models.Root privileges will be required if your smartphone is limited by Samsung.
If you are getting root privileges, and will work in the next step. This blog post is going to be your reference. Cases such as the following are present. Factorymode=ON、keystr=OFF
After making this setting, please use the 500x or 501x of ShowServiceMode.
----- NOTES -----AT YOUR OWN RISK!To malfunction or trouble due to the change the setting, the developer does not take any responsibility. Please use this on your own risk. By the settings, all data disappear, or continue to occur is an error as the case may be. Actaully there may be a risk that would prevent the call. Additionally, the screen after the call is not a ShowServiceMode app.Please use on the understanding, is that users should not change the settings easily. Sorry, support for foreign language is difficult. Developers can understand only Japanese.In addition, other models and SC-05D SC-03D Please note, because the developer is unable to confirm the operation, because there is a delay in response.
----- To those who use the Ver3.2.2 and Ver3.2.3 -----If you can not run with an error, please update to Latest version.To all who happen to experience any problems, I apologize.
----- Understanding False detection security app -----I have confirmed that in the application below, it is erroneously detected as malware.The ShowServiceMode, have not been used also ad delivery service and you do not have Internet access privileges.Since it does not contain any malicious code, please use it in peace.
----- Evaluation version -----There is also a free version for an information provider, is in Japanese only. is provided, like an evaluation version, as free version for information providers. You will be asked to provide information such as Bug reports and behavior which you find out.If you fall in love with ShowServiceMode, please consider purchasing!
----- Review comments -----Although I check all review comments, I do not reply to it. It is because there is it in order to evaluate an application. However, I look forward to your future request and feedback, comments!